levy chocolate

Levy Chocolate is Finland's first bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturer. Established in 2011 and following a quest for high quality organic cacao beans and machinery the first bars where out in the summer of 2012. The small batches of chocolate are roasted and stone ground in central Helsinki.

Our chocolate contains only cacao beans & sugar.

making chocolate

The process of making chocolate has a lot of similarities with the complexity of wine making, it is also one of the most expensive food processes. Now there's a challenge.

Our process of making bean-to-bar chocolate starts with sourcing high quality organic cacao beans. Getting hold of small quantities of quality beans is no easy task. When the beans finally arrive at the factory in jute sacks they have already been fermented and dried. After hand cleaning the beans, to get rid of misshaped beans and other possible debris, it's time to roast the beans. While roasting, the complex flavors of the bean change into something that start to resemble the taste of chocolate. Over 500 flavor compounds have been identified in cacao beans and we want to utilize this potential. Roasting temperature and time are adjusted according to bean type, origin and desired outcome.

After the roast the beans are cracked before being processed in the winnower. Winnowing is the process in which the husk and nib are separated. The nibs are the raw material for making chocolate. The nibs are then ground in a granite stone grinder together with organic sugar to form chocolate liquor and conched for up to 3 days to refine and elevate the flavor and texture. To further enhance the overall flavor the solidified chocolate is aged for 1 to 3 months. The final step is the tempering of the chocolate and molding into bars before hand wrapping in foil and packaging.

Roasted & stone ground in Helsinki.

where to buy

Anton & Anton Kruununhaka
Mariankatu 18
00170 Helsinki

Anton & Anton Töölö
Museokatu 19
00100 Helsinki

Anton & Anton Ullanlinna
Kapteeninkatu 26
00140 Helsinki

Caffi Lasipalatsi
Mannerheimintie 22–24
00100 Helsinki

Caffi Flamingo
Tasetie 8
01510 Vantaa

Caffi Sello
Leppävaarankatu 3–9
02600 Espoo

Aleksanterinkatu 9
00100 Helsinki

Uudenmaankatu 13
00120 Helsinki

Freese Coffee Co.
Freesenkatu 5
00100 Helsinki

Fuglen Oslo
Universitetsgata 2
0164 Oslo

Good Life Coffee
Kolmas Linja 17
00530 Helsinki

Johan & Nyström Oy
Kanavaranta 7C
00170 Helsinki

Kaarlejoentie 17
21340 Tortinmäki

Kaffa Roastery
Pursimiehenkatu 29
00150 Helsinki

Kluuvikadun Kahvipaahtimo
Aleksanterinkatu 9
00100 Helsinki

Pingüino Gordito
98 Campbell Road
Auckland 1061

Ravintola Nokka
Kanavaranta 7F
00160 Helsinki

TeeMaa Tea House
Kasarmikatu 34
00130 Helsinki

2 Rue de I'Echelle
75001 Paris

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